Sussex Business Bureau

Sussex Business Bureau logoThe Sussex Business Bureau ( is privately owned and run by a long-serving team who focus on bringing their clients a personal service.  Fast and
efficient communication is the key to their success and ultimately their customers’.
Sussex Business Bureau is designed to embrace the needs of a wide cross-section of
businesses.  Call answering, a virtual PA or an office service, audio transcription, a
business address or management of your diary … it’s all there for you.  With a mission
statement that sums up the very philosophy on which the business is founded, they are
renowned for good customer service ‘to ensure our products and services provide an
On-Time, First Time, Every Time customer experieince, so that our cleint’s most valuable
commodity, time, is best used in the pursuit of enjoyment, wisdom and success,’ Paul Yates-Smith, explains why they came to Wise & Wherefores:

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I had met Jenny, one of the directors of Wise & Wherefores, through the Deans Busienss Club, I knew that Wise & Wherefores specialised in Microsoft Office
training. I had an urgent email campaign to deliver from an ‘opted in’ database in Excel. However, all the component parts of the email addresses were
broken across different columns and it was clear that the database could not be used in its present format, so I asked Close quoteWise & Wherefores for help.

Mike Flood, Managing Director of Wise & Wherefores, and self-confessed Excel
fanatic, explains how he helped:

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The aim was to merge the information from different cells across the
spreadsheet into one cell (per record) that contained a proper email address for use as the source for an email marketing campaign.  After a quick check through the information on the spreadsheet, it was clear that the data
contained a number of inconsistencies, such as ‘rogue’ spaces at the beginning and end of the text in cells.  So, in a nutshell, we tidied up the information in each cell, reorganised the data and merged the appropriate parts into one cell that then held the proper email
address for each recipient.  One of the most satisfying elements of this project was that we only used methods and functions that are already available in Excel for any user. No
complicated programming was involved.  That ties-in with our ethos at Wise & Wherefores, that we’ll teach people how to unleash some of the more powerful secrets of Excel that
are waiting to be used, if you know they’re there!red closing quote

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Paul Yates-Smith sums up:

The speed, efficiency and accuracy of the turnaround from Wise & Wherefores was, simply put, ‘relieving’.  When I called to explain I had a big job to do and not much time, I could tell from the tone in his voice Mike was genuinely
enthused to help and he did just that. Following our short conversation, using my best
‘pigeon Excel’ he knew exactly wht was needed and, in what seemed an equally short time, delivered on his promise.  This left me relieved that I didn’t have to spend hours
laboriously dealing with what, to me, was a major problem. When a client gives us a task to complete we do just that, although on this occasion, without our relationship with Wise & Wherefores, it certainly would not have been done in a timely fashion.  Working in this way is a perfect fit for our business and I can assure anyone looking to use Wise & Wherefores that they certainly are masters in their field!  Close quote