Removing Image Backgrounds

You might want to use an image in a document, but only if you can get rid of some of he background.  You can do this by editing the image from inside Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint, without having to use any other software.

Removing Backgrounds 1

Here is a picture I have inserted into a PowerPoint 2010
presentation.  To remove the background I select the picture, click on the Picture Tools ribbon and select Remove Background.

Removing backgrounds 2

Office tried to identify the area you want to remove and highlights it in pink.  It doesn’t
always get it right.  However, if you move the selection area closer to the part of the image you want to keep, the auto-selection usually works better.

Removing Backgrounds 3removing backgrounds 4

You can then tidy up your image by marking the areas you want to keep or remove, using the Background Removal tools.removing backgrounds 5 If the background colours are
similar to the area you want to keep, or the area you want to keep is complex, it can take a while marking up the areas to keep or
remove.  You may want to zoom in using the slide bar in the bottom right-hand corner of your application screen or View / Zoom.  Once you are happy with the final selection, click on the Keep Changes button and the
background is removed.

removing backgrounds 6

The process is the same in Word, Outlook and Excel 2010