Expert in the Office

Floor walking image

Have you ever wished that you had an expert in your
office who could help with those Microsoft Office queries? Perhaps you could do with an expert in Excel, who can help you sort out the Spreadsheet that’s been causing you problems.  Or, perhaps you are upgrading to a newer version of MS Office and want someone on hand to show you the new features and how to do the things you were used to doing in the old version.

Well why not let our Wise & Wherefores Floor Walkers help you?

Our Floor Walkers are qualified trainers, who can come to your office and be on hand to sort out your Microsoft Office queries, whether in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.  If you are upgrading, we can be there when your staff put the new version through its paces, helping your business to maintain productivity during the change.

Contact us now to find out how the Wise and Wherefores Floor Walkers can help your business.