Creating Signatures in Outlook 2010


You have probably noticed that emails from businesses usually have a
signature.  This will incorporate the details of the sender, including their name and position in the company, together with the company details and often the
company logo.  You can create your own signature, whether you are a business or an individual, in Outlook.  This step-by-step guide shows you how.
email signatures 1

Step 1

Select Options from the File menu in Outlook.

Step 2

Select Mail and then go to the Create or modify signatures for
and click on the Signatures … button. This opens the
Signatures and Stationery dialogue box.

email signatures 2

Step 3

Click on the New button, then enter a name for the signature and click on the OK button.

email signatures 3

email signatures 4








Step 4

The name now appears in the Signatures list. With the new name highlighted, in the right hand side of the dialogue box, from the Email account: drop down, chose the email
address you want the signature to apply to.  Then indicate whether you want to include the signature in all new messages and when you are replying to and forwarding emails from that address.

email signatures 5email signatures 6




Step 5

In the Edit Signature section, enter the details you want to appear at the end of your email.  You can include your logo and change the font and the colour to go with your
corporte style.  Once you are happy with your signature click OK.

email signatures 7

Now when you open a new email, the signature is already in your email.

email signatures 8